Customised and Personalised Social Media Management

One Small Planet provides real-time social media conversation monitoring and real-time engagement across multiple platforms.

Real-time Internet conversations occur on many established and emerging new media platforms from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to blogs and other growing new social media platforms. And they are very mobile.

One Small Planet becomes your online, digital, eyes and ears.

And because sometimes running a business doesn’t always go to plan, we help ensure that you present your ‘best face’ to the rest of the online world at all times possible. Our clients outsource all, or just part, of their social media management – from strategy and advice through to development and execution.

Our One Small Planet team is made up of marketing, media and customer service professionals with many years combined experience of in their fields of expertise.

Bringing all of our skills together to provide social media and online marketing services, management, strategy and advice; as well as crisis, incident, and reputation management services – for business, government, not-for-profits, and high-profile individuals.

Our combined experience brings a true understanding of marketing, advertising, public relations and communications. This strong background gives us the ability to see how social media strategies can work in and around marketing and management plans.

Brands never sleep, nor do we.

What used to take days, weeks, or even months, now happens in an instant. Tools used in the past can no longer keep pace with conversations held online, primarily on social media platforms

The time and place to engage with your audience is when and where your audience is engaging with you.

One Small Planet monitors, listens, and engages on social media 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on your behalf.

If someone is talking about you, we’ll make sure you know about it.

Our clients include:

  • retailers with just one or two stores, to chains of over 220 stores
  • small business, hotels and hospitality, car dealerships, beauty salons, cafes
  • health care professionals, medical specialists, and medical research
  • magazines, blogs and community forums
  • high profile individuals

Our team includes:

  • Baby Boomer media and marketing professionals
  • Gen-X customer service and management professionals
  • Experienced professional content producers and journalists
  • Gen-Y marketing services people who have never known life without the internet
  • Teen-age ‘millennials’ who really are the i-Generation


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