Customised Social Media Management

Customised Social Media Management

One Small Planet provides highly customised social media management and marketing support.

Real-time internet conversations occur on many platforms. Therefore, real-time social media conversation monitoring, or ‘social listening’, and real-time response across multiple platforms is needed outside regular business hours.

Our highly experienced team includes
  • media and marketing professionals
  • customer service and management professionals
  • multi-platform content producers and journalists
  • account managers who have never known life without the internet

We combine these skills to provide you with customised social media and online marketing services, strategy advice, management and guidance for business, government, not-for-profits, and high-profile individuals.

Our clients include
  • Garvan Institute of Medical Research – covering all aspects of social media engagement and overseeing policy-making and implementation
  • Fairfax Media – business units such as Domain and RSVP
  • Storage King – a retailer self-storage business with over 100 outlets in Australia and New Zealand
  • High-profile individuals including athletes and media personalities
Business consulting services

Our senior executive consultants provide advice to Company and not-for-profit Boards of Directors.

Our lead consultants can coordinate all of the One Small Planet services as well as working as part of your marketing, communications and management team.