Based in Australia, The Slice Wirelesss One Small Planet is an international team of business, marketing, journalism and social media professionals who live and breathe social media, content and brand awareness.

We work with major media organisations, national retailers, high profile individuals, small business, insurance, healthcare professionals and medical research, hotels and hospitality, magazines, blogs and community forums.

We work from where we are, where you are, or anywhere in between.


Social Media Management

Create and publish posts on behalf of our clients to generate awareness and engagement.

  • content that includes a call to action
  • repurpose corporate messaging to suit social media
  • populate social media accounts with general community-based content
  • promote or boost social media content.

Marketing is now all about person-to-person relationships. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a great way for small business to target their clients directly in a personal way.

Paid advertising is also important if businesses want their ads and content to be seen by a larger audience.


  • Geo-target people with specific demographics.
  • Guarantee reach and impressions targets every month. 
Monitoring & Moderation

A guarantee that your customers are dealt with in a prompt, positive way.

  • monitor, moderate and task or escalate all comments when necessary.
  • respond to all questions in accordance with set guidelines and best practices.
  • pass on relevant information or queries to your nominated agent.

A safeguard against defamation and potential litigation.

Social media experts recently issued a warning saying most Australian businesses did not have the ‘tools or resources’ to police a new ruling that would make them responsible for all comments made to posts on their social media pages.

This could also force them to remove content or erase their presence from the social network entirely.

Forensic Social Media

Whether the client is plaintiff or defendant, no-one needs any social media surprises. The sheer volume and velocity of social media can impair evidence gathering:

  • media monitoring will only turn up articles if published or broadcast in traditional media
  • pre-trial discovery can only go so far and may not capture third-party social media activity
  • traditional private investigations may not uncover pertinent evidence and information
  • services and tools used in the past no longer keep pace with the comments and conversations taking place on new digital and social media platforms
  • We moderate responses to social media to assist in any exacerbating of critical incidents
  • We offer near-real-time social media conversation surveillance, monitoring, reporting and response across multiple platforms up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We provide discreet and private monitoring of social media activities.
  • We support corporate and personal evidence-based investigations.