The One Small Planet parent company is Slice Wireless Pty Limited. It was founded in 2004 as an independent mobile content management business.

The Slice Wireless One Small Planet business was launched in 2008 having grown out of a collaboration of rapidly changing projects in wireless and mobile technologies and related burgeoning social media.

As we helped people get online, we saw the need to assist with the vast array of challenges that came with it. These included how to keep information and people safe, how to grow and manage online communities, how to better engage authentically with customers and new audiences, and how to deal with it when it went wrong.

 Our team is small but highly experienced, and our work is done by people – not algorithms.

 We harness the power of sophisticated social media management platforms but ensure that our staff are monitoring your online presence.

We understand the power of good marketing, clear communication and genuine engagement. And we know how technology can assist. We’re here to ensure that the technology and the platforms and the messaging stay on track, on topic and on brand.

We love our work! And as the world comes to terms with a ‘new normal’ due to COVID19, our team has worked remotely for years. We work from where we are, or from where you are!

We’d love to help you. 




We’d love to help you.